Job Approval


Website or Project:  

The purpose of this document is for you to do the following:

  • Review a list of URL's which we have developed at your request
  • If the URL's meet the agreed outcome, provide your approval for these changes to be made live on your site
  • If the URL's do not meet the agreed outcome, or require any edits, do not sign this document, and instead follow the instrucitons included in the section, 'What to do if you can not approve these URL's'.

Please review each of the following URL's:

What to do if you can not approve these URL's

You should have received an email with subject 'Submit Edits for website'. If you have received this email, click on the link and submit your edits.

If you have not received this email, please submit an email with you list of requested edits to

These steps will follow approval:


By signing this document you confirm that the webpages listed for review in this document meet your standard of approval.

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